Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Insect Idea!

Everyone has been sharing their insect ideas and activities, so here I am inspired to share as well. We haven't done a full insect unit, but we've been working on a ladybug unit during science for a couple of weeks. I have one of those thematic unit books on ladybugs by Teacher Created Resources and it really has some great activities in it, so a lot of my craftivities and cross-curricular connections are ideas I've taken and built on from that book. This activity though is something I came up with while we were studying ladybug spots and their symmetry. First of all, did you know that ladybugs can be green, yellow, orange and even black? The kids LOVE that little piece of information. Side note: I found a 30 pack of giant ladybug diecuts at a local teacher store for $5.99, and decided that was money well spent. I am perfectly happy to pay $5.99 to avoid tracing and cutting 22 ladybugs out! My little scientists chose a color for their ladybugs and drew as many dots as their little hearts desired - fine by me as long as they showed symmetry. They looked adorable, but I thought they were missing a little something. So, being the technology magnet and always looking for a way to tie in technology, the students typed what symmetry means and glued it on. They all typed it themselves, and I was very pleased with how many used our science word wall to spell symmetry correctly! They voted on a pair of "crazy" scissors and voila! An authentic product tying together math (symmetry), science AND technology! I did cut the typed text out for them since Miss Griffin's crazy scissors are a little dull these days.

And I had to throw in this picture of us at the bug ball this year! This is my fabulous team: Mrs. Claborn, Mrs. Fulbright, Ms. Hemmingsen and Me!

 Happy May, y'all! We only have 22 days of school left here!



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