Monday, May 16, 2011

Only 12 days left...

Yep, you read that right! 12 days of school left for me! I'm taking a personal day this Friday, so really I guess I just have 11 days left with my first grade sweeties! It amazes me how fast the year goes by. I feel like they go faster every year! My other exciting news... as of this evening, I have 100 followers! I am so excited and feeling very humbled. I just can't believe there are that many people who want to know what's going on in Room B103! I posted my giveaway yesterday, so make sure you check out my post to find out how you can enter to win a stamp from the ADORABLE Sweet Papery!

Here's a random weather share - I know most of you are finished with weather units, but my kids did this a few weeks ago and thought it was really fun. They wanted to know if we could have it as a science center again this week. After reading all of their weather reports, I totally get why they liked it. According to my class, we were going to have a very drastic weather week in North Texas, chock full of every natural disaster imaginable. It looks like I have a room full of future meteorologists and storm chasers!


Katie K.

Do you all have to make up any snow days?

We have 10.5 left and I am so excited!!!

Miss Griffin

We already made our snow days up, thank goodness! We only had to make up 2 of the 5 or else we'd be going way past June 1st!

Miss Ryan

This is so fun!!! I'm going to do this with my class next week :)



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