Thursday, May 26, 2011

What We Love Wednesday... on Thursday: Walls

If you've been over to Mrs. Claborn's page, then you've heard the sad news... we won't be on the same team anymore. Mrs. Claborn is graduating and leaving us for 2nd grade! I know she's going to be a fantastic 2nd grade teacher and we're sad to lose her, but glad she will still be at our school. The silver lining is that I may get to move into her room... which is considerably larger than mine. All of our kinder and 1st grade rooms are very spacious with carpet and cabinets - it's wonderful! Except mine. I've got the carpet and cabinets and I am thankful for that, but I can't tell you how many times a parent, student or visiting teacher has walked in and said, "Oh my gosh, it's so small!".  I'll know soon and hopefully I will be packing up B103 and moving on to B107.

So how does this relate to walls? Well, she has a bit of a challenge in her new room. Her new classroom only has cinder block walls. All 3 of the classrooms I've been in have had cinder block walls, so I definitely understand the difficulties of hanging things up and getting them to STAY up. I have 2 things that I've found will USUALLY keep things up on cinder block walls: hot glue and Magic Mounts brand mounting tabs. Even with those, after a couple of really cold or really humid days, it starts raining posters and word wall words in B103. How do you keep things up on your wall? Does anyone have a magic trick for posting things on cinder block? What kind of walls do you have?


Mrs. Barton's First Grade

I work in a building that is has now finished its 5th year, though it seems brand new because our custodian is FANATICAL about keeping it clean and beautiful.

Our classrooms all have one whole wall that has a covering kind of like carpet - you can put up everything with Velcro. I even have pocket charts and my Judy demonstration clock attached to this wall! Two other walls are sheet-rocked; the custodian prefers that we use the poster putty or removable mounting squares rather than staples or pushpins. One wall is solid cabinets; everyone tapes stuff on the cabinet doors. Our doors are steel and are great for using magnets.


In our building, it is required that we use the blue painter's tape to hang things on the walls. This seems to work very well. Good luck!


What about stikki clips? I use those for everything. I don't have cinder block walls but they stick to everything else!

Miss Griffin

@ Mrs. Barton - that sounds awesome! I'm excited because I've had 4 cinder block walls for 6 years, but 2 walls in Mrs. Claborn's room (my new room) are sheet rock and I can staple! Yay!

@ Amy - I've never tried stikki clips!


I hot glued foam board to the cinder block wall and then you can staple into it. I bought the foam board at home depot and covered it in fabic.


Magic? DAP seal n peel caulk is what you are looking for! It will hang anything up anywhere and then come right off when you want. I buy it on Amazon.


I had cinder block walls for 10 tak, the original green kind works wonders!

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