Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Career Dress Up Day!

A couple of weeks ago Mrs. Claborn and I wrote about how much we LOVE to wear costumes. We're at it again this Thursday for Career Dress Up Day! We're doing a mini-unit on jobs this week and we're dressing up with all the kiddos on Thursday. I can't wait! But... I need some help. I want to dress up as a pastry chef... but I have no idea where to find a hat! Any ideas? How can I make one or where can I find one??? Help!



I have made them for my kiddos using white construction paper (9x18). Make a hotdog fold and then make cuts on the fold at about 1 inch intervals about the depth of the scissors. You don't want to cut all the way to the opening as that makes the headband. Now with it still folded bring the ends together to form a circle for your head and staple. Clear as mud? It would be easier to show you by drawing a picture! You could also use bulletin board paper and make it as tall and any length you wanted. Hope I haven't totally confused you.


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