Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What We Love Wednesday - Wearing Costumes!

I LOVE dressing up. I don't really get into Halloween, but I love dressing up for school. It just makes the day more fun and the kids get a kick out of it. It's on my mind because this Friday, Mrs. Claborn and I get to dress up for our 2nd annual Bug Ball! We're finishing up our ladybug unit and are celebrating our learning by dressing up as insects and creating ladybug snacks (half of an apple, peanut butter or icing as your "glue", raisins or choc chips as spots). I'm SO excited about  wearing a costume on Friday, that I'm sharing some of my favorite (and kind of embarassing) school costumes.

  • Fancy Nancy! It was Book Character Day. You can't really tell but my hair was curled in ringlets and I had on gold leggings under some pink and purple polka dotted shorts. That was also the day I had to sign the lease for my apartment and I had to do it right after school... definitely got some weird looks in the apartment office!

  • Bug Ball 2010! Ok, so ladybugs don't really wear tutus... but we needed more flair! Miss Jacobs had the idea to wear tutus, and I googled how we could make our own. Turns out, tutus are SUPER easy to make, and you don't even have to sew! My grandma has this picture of me on her fridge. Yes, I swear I really am 30.

  • Holiday Pageant 2010! I was Dancer, and here I am with my buddy Dasher (also known as Mrs. Larkin). I know I took a picture with Mrs. Claborn that day, but I can't find it. I'm sure she'll post it - she was Miss Elle Toe (say it fast...).

  • 100th Day of School! Ok, so this isn't really a costume, but we did make our own shirts. Aren't you a little surprised I didn't find a way to work in a tutu?

I KNOW there have been many, many more but I never remember to bring my camera. Did you notice a theme? I love that I can find ways to wear a tutu and a tiara to work! 

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Love all the outfits... and I totally agree with you that any excuse to dress up works for me! It's SO much fun!


Ms. Lopez

I don't blame you for working in the tutus! I love them! One of my k's wears a tutu and cowboy boots to school and mardi gras necklaces! I wish I could! :-)

Miss Griffin

Tutu and boots? That is too cute! I hope they are pink boots!

Lindsey W

So I'm a little late in chiming in but how did you make the tutus and second the wings how did you make them or buy them? I'm thinking this would be perfect for my team next halloween!

Miss Griffin

Lindsey - it is SUPER easy! Really, all you need is tulle and either elastic or a ribbon. If you google "no sew tutu", I'm sure you could find directions and/or tutorials. I like to use the tulle that is on a 6" roll, that way I only have to cut strips lengthwise and not width too. You cut strips so that they are twice the desired length of the tutu, then fold them over, then put it around the elastic or ribbon and pull the ends through the loop so that the piece of tulle is tied on. Just keep going until it's as full as you want it. You can use more strips and put them close together for a fuller tutu, or use less if you want it to lay more flat. Hope that makes sense - seriously there are tons of photos, videos and directions on the internet. If you use elastic, you can either pin, hot glue or sew the ends together. If you use ribbon, simply tie it together! Voila!

The wings I bought - I found a set of wings and antenna online for $9 and with 5 sets, there was no shipping. I think they're actually for kids, but they fit us just fine!

Thanks for stopping by!
Miss Griffin

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