Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What We Love Wednesday - Wrapping Up Our Year!

Hey y'all! I'm not a superstitious girl, but I gotta say, when I saw that I now have 113 followers, I decided that had to be good luck. After all, 1/13 is my birthday! So, here we are on Wednesday night and my internet is down. I'm posting from my iPhone and it's less than ideal! So, this will be short and sweet - a difficult task for me!

First, I got Jodi's End of Year Activity packet and can't wait to do the hermit crab activities next week, but what I REALLY want to tell you about is the adorable activity we're doing this week. Our theme this week is "Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!", so when I saw her writing prompt "I loved first grade bug cause" I had to go ahead and use it. I'm using it as one of our writing stations this week and it is precious. I had my kids glue the writing activity to manila paper when they finished, and then use scraps of scrapbook paper and construction paper to create their own insects. I love them! I will definitely have to come back and add pictures!

Second, make sure you enter my giveaway! It's open until Sunday night at midnight. Sweet Papery is oh-so-adorable and someone is gonna be a very lucky lady!

Can you believe that for me, that was a short post?

10 more days! Have a great night friends!



Hey :) Thanks for the shout out!


Allison @ Room Mom 101

I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment on my blog. I thought I had just about every 1st grade blog discovered, but somehow I missed yours! I added a link to your blog on my sidebar. :)

Allison @ Room Mom 101

Oh and BTW since I just read your post...I would love to see your new bug project when you are finished. You must be teaching from Treasures?!? I just taught that theme and am wrapping up all my insect things now. It is such a fun unit to teach!

Miss Griffin

I am teaching from Treasures! It worked out so that the unit was right after our big ladybug unit in science. It was a cute ending!


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