Monday, April 25, 2011

Synonym and Antonym Memory Game

Y'all... I am tired of this rainy, gloomy, windy, cloudy weather in North Texas. I have one fear - lightning. I realize the chances of being struck by lightning are slim, but there's still a chance! I had to run to my car one afternoon last week through rain with thunder and lightning, and I can only imagine how funny I looked running in my boot, with a look of terror on my face!. Anyway, this is what I'd like to say to the weather around here:

How cute is that?! It's from the adorable April Showers kit I bought from Just So Scrappy!

We are working on synonyms and antonyms this week and I made these memory games to go over both. There's a recording sheet to use after the students play. Click the graphic below to download from google docs.


Mrs. S

Hi, I just found your blog. I would love to download your Synonym and Antonym game, but Google docs says I do not have permission to access this. I'm wondering if this game is still available?


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