Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Centers, Post Ideas, Measurement Idea Help?

I tested my new centers (that I posted on Sunday) out on my firsties today and they loved them! They really like that one of the spinner sections (on Growing a Garden) is "helping a neighbor" and they enjoyed giving a garden piece away instead of putting it back. SO, if you didn't download them yet, do it! They're free and they're first grade tested and approved! My first graders also think everything I say is hilarious (Do you ever feel like your class is also your fan club?), so naturally they thought it was SUPER funny when I said the plastic eggs were hatching numbers this week. Seriously. Peals of laughter.

Tomorrow Mrs. Claborn and I (and the rest of our team) have an exciting adventure to a wildlife ranch an hour away. We've never been to this place before and I'm really looking forward to checking it out! I know the kids are going to LOVE seeing some exotic animals. I am hoping it's not too wet from all the rain tonight since these days I'm wearing a very large, fuzzy, not-cute-in-any-way boot on my right foot. Since I have to wear it for about 3 more weeks, I'd rather it not be caked with mud. Back story here? I sprained my ankle back on oh... NEW YEARS EVE while wearing way too tall shoes, and as all you teachers will understand... it didn't get any rest the last 3 1/2 months at school. So, at my recent check up with the orthopedist, I got this awesome new accessory. I'm getting to the point here. In light of the field trip, and the fact that my ankle and I will be EXHAUSTED tomorrow, do you have any requests or suggestions for a "What We Love Wednesday" topic? I'm afraid my brain might not be at it's most creative tomorrow evening. Leave me a comment and share your idea!

We started a measurement unit this week. This week is all about length, but next week we'll be covering area and temperature. I have tons of resources, but nothing seems fresh and exciting (maybe because I've done them so many times?). Does anyone have any great posts to direct me to or ideas to share?


Pattie Moss

I have a fun temperature day I do and we make thermometers and learn what is hot, cold, cool and warm weather clothing and activities. Check it out on my blog pattiesclassroom.blogspot.com


I can't find your centers! would you mind sending it to me.
Thanks for sharing,

Mrs. Daniels First Grade

I can't find your centers either. Would you mind sending it to me to.

Miss Griffin

Hi! Check out my posts from Sunday - "How does your garden grow?" and "One more way to use those Easter Eggs". If you still need me to send them, I can do it tonight!

Thanks for stopping by!
Miss Griffin

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