Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Themed Science Center

I got this idea back in January at a baby shower, believe it or not, but hadn't quite figured out how I would use it in my classroom. At the shower, we played a game where various baby items were placed in numbered lunch sacks and we passed them around and tried to guess what was inside. While standing in Dollar Tree with plastic eggs in hand, it finally came to me - I'll put items in the eggs and have students guess what's inside by the sound! I've created a recording sheet that I'm sharing this morning so you can all use it too!

All you need for the activity is 8 plastic eggs, each with a number 1 -8 on it, items to fill the eggs - rubber bands, jelly beans, toothpicks, erasers, cotton balls, rice, paperclips and pennies, and this recording sheet. Students choose an egg, shake it and record which item they think is in each egg based on the sound. Of course, you could use any items, you'd just have to change my word bank. For extra challenge, you could also remove the word bank. Another way to add more challenge is to have two of each egg and have students identify two eggs have the same item as well as identify what the item is. Click on the picture below to download the recording sheet.

Have a super week!



This goes along perfectly with learning about the five senses! Thanks for sharing :)


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