Thursday, March 24, 2011

Math SMART Shares

As usual, I was way more stressed about Open House than I needed to be! It's 4:30 and I am officially ready, but the kiddos won't be here until 6:30. In my down time here I thought I'd post some SMART math activities. I love these because they were easy to make and they can be a quick warm up or problem solving piece or you could turn them into a longer guided practice, whole class or small group lesson. Who doesn't love things that can be used multiple times in different ways?!

Adding and Subtracting on a Number Line: These are 2 separate files, but they have the same basic format. The random number generator tool is used to determine a starting point, then again to determine a number to add on or take away. The students can draw what's happening on the number line, then record the number sentence in the white space below. It works really well if you use the "magic pen" tool - saves you the erasing and by the time the next student is ready for his/her turn, the previous student's work has disappeared! Click each preview picture to download for free on TpT!

Today's Target: This is similar to a "number of the day" activity. The random number generator (Can you tell I really like that tool?) is used to generate a target number. In math journals or on whiteboards students can record their own ways to compose the number, then you or your students can share and record in the white space around the target using the pen tool. Again, click the preview picture below to download for free from TpT!
I hope some of you can use and enjoy these activities! I have 5 SMART items posted on TpT for free and lots of downloads, but no rating :(. If you do download and use these, I would LOVE some feeback or rating on TpT! 



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