Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss Days 1 & 2

Even though we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday last week, we saved our Dr. Seuss themed week for this week. We have a 4 day week and it's the week before Spring Break so I'm glad we have these silly stories and lessons to keep these antsy kiddos engaged! Mrs. Claborn made a bulleted list the other day and I thought that might help me be a little less long winded, SO here's what we've done:

  • Green Eggs and Ham - After reading and talking about the story, the students did a quick reader's response in their journals and wrote about a time they tried something new and how they liked the new thing. They really enjoyed sharing those. Then again, what don't they like sharing?

  • The Cat and the Hat and The Cat and the Hat Comes Back - It took us a long time to get through these two because we stopped and talked about so many things going on, how the characters were feeling, how would they feel if they were the children, etc. Every one of them had heard the stories before so we didn't get to do much predicting! After the story they all grabbed a house post it (ok, they're really arrows I think, but I turn them the other way and call them houses), wrote their names, and stuck it on our chart under the title of the book they liked better. My kids love doing that and are always so interested as each student places their "vote" on the chart! Only 2 chose The Cat in the Hat, so The Cat in the Hat Comes Back was definitely the favorite. Everyone got to "turn and talk" with a partner and tell why, again... we love to share in room B103.
  • Please Try to Remember the First of Octember! - This book had so much detail, but they were so into it that they remembered EVERY LITTLE THING that was going to happen on the first of Octember. They could not stop talking about money falling from the clouds! We had a great discussion about the story and most of them understood that it will not ever be the first of Octember. What they REALLY got a kick out of what writing about what things they would want and want to do on the first of Octember. And of course we got to share with the class! What would be on MY list for the first of Octember? Free books for life, a bigger classroom (mine is the smallest K-1 room), laptops for all, season tickets for Longhorn football, and a North Park shopping spree!

  • There's a Wocket in my Pocket! - As I mentioned, we are revisiting addition and subtraction. Today we reviewed fact families and I was excited to tie in our Dr. Seuss study! We made an anchor chart reviewing what a fact family is and the important things about it, and then I read the story and we made fact family pockets. Ok, I know the story technically has nothing to do with math, but the kids enjoyed the lesson none the less, and they didn't seem to think my connection was a stretch! It was a great review of the fact families and we were able to extend the lesson by passing our pockets around tables. The students would look at the numbers on the pocket, write all the fact family facts on their whiteboards, then pull the index cards out of the pocket to check their work. The munchkins had a few minutes to decorate and give their pockets flair, so their final products were way fancier than my example!

I'm so glad I've joined blog world because I will be using some of the great things you've all shared during the next two Seuss-themed days! Happy Tuesday everyone and be sure to check back tomorrow - Mrs. Claborn and I are linking up!



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