Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Finds at the Dollar Tree!

How much do you love the Dollar Tree? I always come out of there with bags of random loot, but hey, they're only $1, right? Check out what I grabbed yesterday - I CANNOT wait to use these! (Please ignore the ugly carpet in the background...I'm renting!)

I hope you can read what's on them. These are going to be so great in my enrichment tubs, centers, small group... the list goes on! I'm actually thinking about making some of my own for their take home fluency folders as well.  The 4th pic is a pack of 4 blank spinners. Not sure what I'm going to use those for yet but the possibilities are endless! I also stocked up on more clothespins (you can never have too many!), more plastic tubs (again... never too many!), and Easter/Spring pencils. Have you found anything great at Dollar Tree lately?



Love it! Thanks for sharing - if I can ever get better, the Dollar Tree will be my first stop!


I did! haha funny that I posted about my dollar tree finds too!

Katie K.

The Dollar Tree is so great! I go there almost on a weekly basis just to look for new things!


I went to the dollar tree yesterday so hoping to see those spinners...no dice :(



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