Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Thursday Y'all!

I have officially been on Spring Break for one hour! And what better way to start than with this awesome treat from one of my sweet families?

And yes, I'm from Texas and say y'all ALL. THE. TIME. So, happy Thursday and have a great Spring Break y'all!



Have a GREAT Spring Break! My Spring Break begins tomorrow and I can't wait for it to be after school already...I need some R&R! Oh..and I say y'all all the time too...I think it's a cute little quirk we Texas girls!


Happy Spring Break! I'm so jealous. Our break is not until April. Enjoy!

Katie K.

I am so ready for 3:45 to be here tomorrow evening! I found you through Mrs. Claborn, I have known her for years from camp! You two are so lucky to be teammates!


Just found your blog. You have some great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the break, ours is in a week.

Miss Griffin

Thanks girls, I will definitely enjoy and appreciate it! Last year I missed my Spring Break because I was on jury duty!

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