Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treat Ideas?

I am SO proud of my first grade babies and their science fair projects. They met and exceeded my way high expectations. I mean, they are in FIRST GRADE and they can do some AMAZING things! And in a really excited moment when I was telling them how proud I am, I promised treats for tomorrow. The problem here is that they've had A LOT of treats lately. I gave them new pencils, stickers and notebooks for the 100th day, and every sweet treat you can imagine for Valentine's day. We have free time each week as one of their postive behavior incentives. Any new ideas? I'm not regretting promising them something special, but I wish I had thought of what I wanted to do/bring before I promised it for tomorrow!


Dana Baker

Maybe a popcorn party?

Miss Trayers

Can they eat lunch in the room with you-a different kind of treat? My kids love to do that on Fridays when they've earned a "Superstar".


So funny- I thought of that right after I put up that post. It's just the kind of reward I was looking for - an experience, not a thing. We haven't done that in a while so they will be very excited. Oddly, they seem to get a bigger kick out of me eating with them in the cafeteria than them joining me in the classroom, so that's probably where we'll be munching.

Mrs. Claborn

You could always do a "no shoes" afternoon. My kids love taking off their shoes!!

Nancy Holcombe

Let them eat with the principal or asst. principal. Work it out with them first. It's a positive way of interacting with them rather than thinking ...just going to principal for discipline.


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