Sunday, February 13, 2011

100th Day Hooray!

Last week on Thursday, we FINALLY got to celebrate our 100th day! It was rescheduled twice due to snow days and I think it made our celebration even more exciting - anticipation! We had so much fun! I know my munchkins had a wonderful time because I even got a sweet, sweet card the next day from one of my boys. It said "Thank you for teaching me for 100 days!". That really warmed my heart! A few of us decided to make t-shirts in honor of our big celebration - we glued 100 stars, 100 rhinestones and 100 eyes to our shirts.

Here we are!

We started our day with a rotation through all of the first grade classrooms (there are 4 of us). The students wrote about what they would do with $100, made 100th day art with 100 fingerprints, estimated how many times they could do different activities in 100 seconds, and put Fruit Loops into 10 groups of 10 for a 100 Fruit Loop necklace. With my own class we also did a fabulous critical thinking activity that came from Read Write Think called 100th Day Bottles (click here for the lesson plan), and of course, made portraits of ourselves at 100. Those always turn out so cute! I love the ones with beards! Sadly lots of my kiddos have been sick so I'm missing a few portraits.

What a good looking bunch! (As you can see, I have a sports theme in my room. It was so hard to get that paper up there just right and those letters with the perfect spacing... so it stays up all the time.)

I'm SURE you've all celebrated already, and there are tons of this activity floating around, but if you'd like my writing printable (If I had $100...) , click the picture below!

I know there are TONS of cute ideas out there that I haven't tried. What special things do you do with your firsties on the 100th day?



I love that football bulletin board! what a cute idea :)


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