Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day Part 2

Here is the word sort I was mentioning on Friday. It's somewhat presidentally themed, but I had some writer's block when brainstorming president-related words, and I wanted the kiddos to be able to read them independently and have enough understanding of the word to sort it. The result is a handful of themed words, some long vowel words, and some of our word wall words. My munchkins L-O-V-E sorting things, especially in the pocket charts so I know they will really enjoy this center. I also included a recording sheet that has a challenge for them to add their own words. Hopefully it's not too late for some of you to use this too!

My team mate Mrs. Claborn (check her out at A Burst of First) and I came up with an idea that we're going to try out in the morning and I'm SUPER excited to see how it goes. Our best ideas are when we're bouncing things around in our grade level meetings and this one was no exception. We're going to trace the profiles of the students onto paper plates, and then have the kids create their own coins! How fun does that sound? We've been studying coins and thought this would be a creative way to bring that in to our President's Day activities. Check back soon to see how they turned out! 


Mrs. Claborn

Love, Love, LOVE IT!!!!!

Mrs. M

Love the idea! Will have to save for then!


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