Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100th Day Plans

Hi blog friends! Just stopping by tonight to share my 100th day activities. Our 100th day of school won't be until next Thursday, February 2nd. Yep, that's also Groundhog Day, so it looks like it will be a very busy Thursday! My teammate had the idea to do Groundhog Day activities the day before when they make their predictions about the groundhog seeing his shadow and I think that is a FABULOUS idea, so I think room B107 will be observing it a day early as well.

This year I will be doing many of the same activities that I did last year, and you can find those here. In addition, we'll be making 100th day trail mix, working on a special 100th day themed homework menu and making words with the letters in "one hundred". Click on the pictures below to download two freebies!

I'm SO looking forward to getting another wear out of my homemade t-shirt from last year. When I taught 2nd grade, we used to dress up as 100 year olds and it was so. much. fun. The kids were the cutest (smallest) elderlies you'd ever seen! Since I've moved down to 1st, we haven't done that and I was hoping we could do that this year... unfortunately I'm teaching a staff development after school that day and I don't think my 100 year old costume (and baby powdered hair) will be the most professional attire. The t-shirt will be much easier to change out of and into something else. Oh well, maybe next year! How will you be celebrating? 



I will be an old lady on Thursday, which I'm super excited about! I am a little bummed about not wearing my shirt from last year but I'm pretty sure the "moo-moo" I found at Goodwill will be much more comfy!

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