Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Base 10 Clip Art?

Does anyone know where I can find base 10 block clip art? I've been drawing them myself and it's just not as efficient, or neat for that matter. I'd love any tips! We have a teacher day today - no kids until tomorrow! I love that we get to ease back into school with a 3 day week!

And completely unrelated - here's a picture of the snowman graphic organizer that I referenced in my last post. I drew it myself and therefore don't have it as a file I can share, just a picture, but you can easily draw your own and make it much cuter! Seriously... I drew this on the spur of the moment about 7 years ago and just keep tracing it over and making a new one every year!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish all of you a fantastic 2012!



I asked mel from Frog Spot and she said she is uploading some later today! I was also searching for cute clip art and she does a great job!!! Here is the link to her blog!


Sweet Times in First

Miss Dennis

I have a bunch of fonts that are math stuff (base ten, ten frames, sets of stuff)... what's your email and I'll send them to you tomorrow!
:) Lauren
Notes From Miss Dennis


Best free educational clip art ever: etc.usf.edu
Or google Florida educational clipart

Miss Griffin

@ Miss Dennis: fantasticfirstblog@gmail.com

Anmona Ami

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