Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tech Tips {from you} Tuesday and Band-Aid Words

I haven't posted since last Tuesday! Yikes! I'm just going to ramble for a minute to catch you up. 31 days to go - and only 28 for me! I am a worry about everything, sweat the small stuff kinda girl. I'm trying to let some of that go and tell myself that I need to focus only on what I really want to accomplish in the next 31 days. It's not really working, but I'm trying! I applied to teach summer school this year. I have done it once before. There are not very many spots, but I am crossing my fingers that I will get a position this year. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to the down time and summer break, but I also go absolutely crazy when I don't have anything to do. Are you wondering why I only have 28 days left and not 31 like my kiddos? Well, my best friend is getting married in Mexico next Saturday and I am the maid of honor, so I will be missing 3 days of school. YES, deep breath, I will be missing 3 days of school. It's a little stressful to be gone so long but I have a great sub and I was out for 3 days in February when I went to TCEA and things went on with out me... OH! My class won the perfect attendance award AGAIN! That's the fourth six weeks this year! The class that has the highest rate of students with perfect attendance wins, and what can I say? My kids LOVE coming to school every day!So do I! Ok, you're all caught up.

Tonight my tech tip post is going to be a little different. Instead of giving you a tech tip or a website, etc. I want tips from you! I've heard that my district is going to pilot using iPads in the classroom and that there will be an application process. I want to get prepared for this because obviously I WANT ONE!!! and so I want to pick your brains. Do you have an iPad? How do you use it in the classroom? Are there apps you love? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share by either leaving me a comment or leaving a link to a post on your own blog. I'd really love to know more about how primary teachers are using them and I know there are lots of y'all out there.

Are you wondering what band-aid words are? Band-aid words are what we're calling our ou/ow words that we are studying this week. The kids are making large band-aids with manila paper and I will definitely post pictures when they are finished - so cute. If you don't have time for all of that, you can make a class anchor chart together and have students record on this sheet.

Have a great week! Leave me some comments about iPads!



Hi I am a grade 1 teacher in NY and started with a 3 ipad pilot last year. I now have 5 that are mine and an additional one that is shared with my grade level. (aquired through grants) I LOVE them! There are amazing apps out there that can both do things like take the place of magnetic letters and boards (Magnetic Alphabet) or help the students create i books that can be shared with their family at home (Book Creator) Most of the A to Z reader collection is available as well. I have found lots of customizeable apps as well ( put the words students are learning in and they can practice them) Amazing math fact practice too! I have found that the best way to use them is to give my students a task card that contains the options they have for the day, other wise they view them as a gaming device. I also keep the students working on them within eye shot of me. I would definitely suggest getting the Otter Box mega cases as well, they have been dropped, stepped on and rough housed by first graders and just keep on going! I could go on about my iPads for hours...but I need to get ready for our Author Celebration this morning! Would love to "talk" more about them!

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