Monday, April 2, 2012

Double Bubble Doubles/Doubles Plus One Game

In an effort to keep an old skill fresh, I created a quick little game for my students to work on their doubles and doubles plus one fact fluency. To play the game students need a game board and a 0-9 die. Students roll the die, double the number, then cover up or cross out that number on the game board. Once all of the doubles sums have been crossed out or covered up, the move on to doubles plus one - roll the die, double the number, add one more, then cover up or cross out. First player to cover up or cross out all of the sums wins! Enjoy!

If you are looking for more ways to use your plastic eggs - check out my posts here and here from last spring for a sound activity and related facts activity! Another little way you can use them is to let your kids shake dice up in them if you are playing a dice game. We have TONS of dice games in math stations right now since we're working with facts and the kids think it's SO much fun to shake them up in the egg, then crack it open and spill them out. How are you using plastic eggs?

See y'all tomorrow for Tech Tip Tuesday!


Busy Bees

Thanks for the double idea! My kids know that bubble gum is my favorite, so this will be great. I love plastic eggs, we used them for some math literacy ideas.
Just found your darling new blog and became your newest follower!!


Thank you. My firsties are going to love this. & I'm going to love that they will be working on a skills they still need practice with. :-)

First Grade Delight

Kathleen Behrens

This is a great activity to practice doubles plus one. At first, I thought, "nine sided cube?" but then I realized we can do it with number cards. Thank you so much for the bright colors. The students will love it!

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