Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yeehaw! A Texas (and Western) Unit

No Tech tip Tuesday this week because like me, it's on spring break.  BUT I am here today to share with you the Texas/Western/Cowboy/Cowgirl unit I created and used with my class last week. It was a really fun week and a great way to send them off on their own Texas adventures for spring break! I have to take a minute to say that I love that I am 31 and still get a spring break. Seriously. It's been an awesome week! Back to business... I like doing this unit at this time because we have Open House the week after spring break, and it's a super unit for creating and displaying work. Scroll down for a few pictures and examples of things we did (as always, let me apologize for the poor quality of my pictures, my iPhone is my only camera) and you can click on the cover to head over to Google Docs and download my mini unit for free! I say "mini unit" but it ended up being 36 pages, so I'm not sure how mini it is, and there are a lot of activities that I didn't snap pictures of (darn!).

 We created these cactus pictures on a full sheet on manila paper folded in half. It will serve as their Texas portfolio for Open House next week. 

Texas, Texas YEEHAW! Off to enjoy the rest of my spring break!


Miss Trayers

Just too cute! I'll definitely save some of these to use with our Rodeo Unit next year! Thanks so much for sharing.


Very cute! LOVE your mini-unit...thanks!


Oh my gosh I love those cacti - we do a unit on the desert and I like my cactus but I might tweak it a bit and add the toothpicks. Very cute!
Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

Erica Morris

I love your Texas ideas, I am wanting to get the mini unit, is it still available?


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