Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Science Week - Favorite Videos or Websites

I'm catching up on this post from yesterday's Science Week topic - favorite science videos and websites. I have two resources for videos that I absolutely love for science and use on a regular basis. I feel bad sharing these, because they both require logins and so I can't really give you a good preview. My district provides these for us through the library SO maybe you can check with your librarian and see if you have access - I hope you do! Saying that I use these on a regular basis is a big deal because I don't like to use videos very often during science. Our science time is at the end of the day, it's never enough time for all I want to do and I like to do everything hands on and messy! Every now and then though we need a little more information or I need to introduce a new topic and that's when I use these.

1. Discovery Education and Discovery Education Science - in addition to the amazing video database, you can also find games, lessons and more. Seriously, I've never searched for something and NOT found it on here. It's an incredible resource to have access to! If you already use Discovery Education, make sure you've checked out the "Science Elementary" tab and explored there. It's broken down by Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science, with a wealth of subtopics within each one of those. Again, all I can say is AMAZING!

2. Pebble Go - This is a really first grade friendly way to have your kids research science topics using the web. Like Discovery Education Science, the website is set up by units and within each, you'll find even more subtopics. The kids can read the information, but best of all, they can click to have it read to them! Of course, they also have great videos. We just used this site last week when we were talking about pets and it's great for other animal research projects.

What websites and videos do you use to get your kids engaged during science? Go link up!


Tamara L. Chilver

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I've never visited Pebble Go before. I'll have to check that site out.

Teaching Blog Addict
♥Teaching with TLC


I also love brainpop & brainpopjr.

Rose Ector

Do you still use both sites for your lessons? I can tell how much your students love your presentation every day. You should search for more educational sites like this to add to your and your students' knowledge. How did you discover the sites, btw?

Miss Griffin

I do still use these sites on a regular basis. So much of our science is through hands-on investigations and activities, that I really don't use videos very often... but when I do, those are my go-tos. Pebble Go is also a great resource for research and Discovery Ed is a great source for picture and video clips that the kids can use in projects since my district has a license. Both of those sites are things my district pays for so I found out about them through our library's online resources page.


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