Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Favorites and a Freebie

I'm still catching up from last week's teacher week over at Blog Hoppin'! Here we go:

Three for Thursday:

My favorite font: I've been in a "CK Handprint" rut for about 3-4 years... it's definitely my go to! More recently I've been using a little more "Doodle Basic" and "Doodle Tipsy". My current favorite bold font or title font is "Wish I Were Taller".

My favorite blog: There's no way I can choose one! The two bloggers that orignally got me hooked on blogs and made me a blog stalker are Cara and Abby. I also love collaborating with my {former} teammate Mrs. Claborn so her's has to be one of my favorites too!

My favorite web resource: Ummm.... google? I say that like I'm joking, but REALLY, is there ANYTHING you can't find that way? As far as classroom tools go, I REALLY love XtraMath and KidBlog.

Friday Freebie:

I'm not sure how many of you are new to Daily 5, but I sure am and I am loving it so far. Today was our 6th day and my kiddos read for 9 minutes! We're building up that stamina! Anyway, we just did our I PICK lesson today, and here's a small chart that I typed up to post in the room for reference. Enjoy!



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